Order custom guitar picks from 10pcs

Own Guitar Picks - Double sided printed picks

Order custom guitar picks from 10pcs

Order now your custom guitar picks from 10 pieces! We get a lot of questions about our previous minimum amount of 25 guitar picks. We changed that now in minimum 10pcs. Order custom guitar picks!
Everyone can buy the guitar picks with there own images and text on it. No more minimum of 25pcs! Another break through in custom guitar pick land because much shops have the minimum of 100pcs or even more. Order custom guitar picks1

About Us

Order custom guitar picksOur brand “EigenPlectrum®” is the product that we sell on ownguitarpicks.co.uk website. Since 2007 I started EigenPlectrum in my home country The Netherlands. After a couple succeses with printing custom guitar picks, I want to sell guitar pick all over the world. First of all I added Germany in this list of selling countries. Now after seven years it’s time to let the custom printed guitar world nows EigenPlectrum – Ownguitarpicks.co.uk.

Our guitar picks are from the highest quality you can get these days. We also think that customer feedback is the most important thing for doing great business. We listen to our customers so we can make our product even better every year.

In 2014 we invest in our production, new materials and even more products that you will find on our website.

We can deliver your guitar picks in a couple days and they have a great quality.

We send all our packages with a tracking code from PostNL, so you can see exactly when your package is gonna be delivered.

Now we are selling our EigenPlectrum custom guitar picks in: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Sweden, Germany and Spain. With our English website we hope we can cover the rest of the world.

Why don’t I create custom picks that would best fit my guitar?

I am the one who is using picks after all: I can’t think of anyone else but me to design my own picks.

It was 2007 and I had just found my own brand EigenPlectrum® in the Netherlands.

EigenPlectrum® came to solve the problems that my fellow guitarists and I always had.

No more chipping picks, no more rough sounds out of our guitars.

After a few years of success in my home country, I decided to share my brand with different nations in Europe.

In 2014, I decided to invest in the production, adding new materials, more quality and more products for sales.

EigenPlectrum® has worked side by side with their first customers to make sure they deliver the best quality custom picks on the market.

Today, EigenPlectrum® is selling custom picks to the entire world.

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