Pics guitar

Pics guitar ordering is possible from September at DutchPicks. Not only your own printed guitar picks for your electric guitar but also acoustic ones.

Pics guitar
Pics guitar

Always dreamed to play with your own customizable guitar picks? Order now your own guitar picks with your own printing. You can make the design yourself on your PC / Mac. DutchPicks supplies ready-made templates so that it is very easy to design your own plectrum and have it printed by us.

We can print everything, so let us tell you about your exact custom pics for guitar. From a 1-color print to a full color print. Everything is possible. We always use the same prices. This is to avoid confusion and to make everyone’s own customizable guitar picks possible.

If you want a single print or a double sided, you are always at the right address with your own guitar pick. We currently offer different thicknesses for custom pics for guitar. Of course we do not stop in the developments and we always keep you informed of the latest news and the latest products.

Gifts guitar picks

Pics guitar are also fun as a gift to give away for a birthday, wedding or other occasions. This is the ideal gift with which you come across very original.

Our brand “DutchPicks®” is the product that we sell on website. Since 2007 I started DutchPicks in my home country The Netherlands. After a couple succeses with printing custom guitar picks, I want to sell guitar pick all over the world. First of all I added Germany in this list of selling countries. Now after seven years it’s time to let the custom printed guitar world nows DutchPicks –

In 2014 we invest in our production, new materials and even more products that you will find on our website.

We can deliver your guitar picks in a couple days and they have a great quality.

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