Information about NFC Guitar Picks

What's NFC?

The tech involved is deceptively simple: evolved from radio frequency identification (RFID) tech, an NFC chip operates as one part of a wireless link.

Once it’s activated by another chip, small amounts of data between the two devices can be transferred when held a few centimeters from each other.

That’s very simple! If you ordered NFC Guitar Picks, we will add a custom URL to the NFC-chip that’s in the guitar picks.

You can play with the guitar picks as usual and when you move your mobile phone above the guitar pick, you will see a popup / or it will directly open a app like Spotify.

Yes, that’s possible. Even afterwards, we don’t need the guitar picks anymore to change to URL that you add with your order. We have forwarding URLs and can change the URL. 

So for example: You want to give your fans special acces before your show we can direct them to exclusive content. When the show is done, we can change the URL so fans can check footage of the show.

No, you really can’t feel the NFC-chip in the guitar picks. We tried different chips for a couple of years and you don’t feel it, so you can play the guitar like never before.

Currently we have three different thickness: 0.88mm – 1.00mm and 1.20mm. We try to add 0.71mm later this year.

We can easily add an URL to your guitar picks, when you scan the guitar pick it will directly forward you to that specific URL. This can be everything, signup for a newsletter of exclusive content on your website.

We can even change the URL afterwards. If you want we can even give you login details so you can change the guitar picks URL in bulk with our content management system. 

If you have a new video that you want to promote, we can add that to our NFC Picks. When people scan the guitar pick the video start playing and they can watch your new clip or special message to your fans.

That’s really exclusive and you get the audience connected to your social media right away. 

Need more Instagram followers or more interaction with your audience? Scan the NFC Pick and they visit your Instagram account directly.

No more using of difficult names or tags. Just scan the NFC Picks and access your Instagram account.

Isn’t it great that you can give your fans an exclusive preview of a album or single? Add an NFC Pick to your album for example.

When people scan the NFC Pick they can get exclusive material from the album like clips or extra songs.

Or just send them to your latest album on Spotify to listen.

Give away the NFC Picks during a concert or tour and people can directly see if they won something like a VIP experience or backstage passes.

You can exclude 10 NFC Picks for example to give special access to a hidden page on your website. If they scan they directly see what there winning. 

Give your fans access to exclusive content on your website. Or let them watch exclusive footage from your last tour. It’s all possible with our NFC Picks.

So when you’re done on stage playing the guitar, throw away your NFC Picks and let fans enjoy your experience on stage.

Please contact us and we will email you back in 24 hours.

Our NFC Guitar Picks